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Benefits of Quail Meat

In many cooking cultures, quail is one of the most sought after meats to offer in their restaurant. This makes quail meat an excellent financial investment- just be aware that you would need a lot of quail to keep up with the demands. Since one quail can only provide so much meat, you would need to be able to keep up with the demand by farming hundreds of quail.

Similar to quail eggs, the quail meat is packed full of nutrition. While the meat on a quail is small, it contains nutrients like protein, phosphor, fat, calcium, iron, and zinc.

This healthy meat has also shown benefits in helping solve respiratory problems by consuming quail meat, such as asthma, tuberculosis, and vegetative vascular dystrophy.

If you are choosing to breed quail for the purpose of consuming meat, a great addition to your farm may be the Jumbo Coturnix. This quail is several ounces larger than the traditional Coturnix and provides excellent meat.

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