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There are so many reasons to add quail to your farm. Not only are they very easy to raise, but they also provide a lot of eating benefits.

These birds may be tiny in size, but the nutritious benefits are so large in quail meat and eggs that it is worth the investment. Before you take the plunge, it is important to understand how beneficial owning these birds can be, as well as some basic care necessities.

Ready to learn more about keeping quail on your farm? Keep reading to learn the benefits and everything they need to be content…

Why Raise Quail?

If you are looking to add another animal onto your farm, quail is definitely one to consider.

For one, quail provides a nutritious egg to help you make breakfast even easier. For reference, the Standard Coturnix quail offers around 300 of these super nutritious eggs each year.

For another, their small size makes them the perfect addition to any homestead. Whether your farm is running out of room or as big as the eye can see, adding quail won’t take up much space.

Have you heard a quail make a lot of noise? Us either. These birds are quiet creatures, making them one of the best birds to raise.

Quail grow really fast. While most birds don’t begin laying eggs for several months, quail begin laying their eggs within the first 7 weeks. That means you can begin earning money (and enjoying eggs) a lot faster compared to ducks or chicken.

Quail are beautiful birds ranging in a variety of colors. A Schofield Silver Quail, for example, comes in a variety of rare colors like silver, lavender, blue, and cream.

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