The jumbo quail operation

On the Hostile Homestead, we raise rabbits for meat and Quail for meat and eggs. We have found the jumbo Coturnix is the best to accomplish the dual purpose. Here is a quick video of all of the equipment and cages that we use in the Jumbo Quail Operation.


we are producing 80 to 100 jumbo Coturnix Quail per week out of this set up. and I still get to eat 5 to 10 quail eggs a day. #quail #quaileggs #incubation #jumbocoturnix #jumboquail #poultry

♬ original sound – Hostile.Hare

This is the latest and greatest version of the cabinet incubator I use for the Jumbo Quail Operation.

This is the cabinet incubator that I use to raise 120 baby quail a week.
Quail cabinet incubator

Now, the standard quail egg racks are not the right size for jumbo eggs, you need the larger-holed racks meant for larger birds.

Quail Egg Racks

The 1502 Incubator is great, its only downside is the small humidity tray it comes with. I recommend this automatic humidity setup to maintain the proper humidity for longer incubation stretches.

Quail Egg Incubator Automatic Humidifier
This is a version of the quail cages I use for my quail grow-out pens and egg-laying pens in the Jumbo Quail Operation