Jumbo quail raised in town

female jumbo coturnix quail looking right

Stuck in town but still want to get yourself some livestock to be more self-sufficient? Listen up, city dwellers, because we’ve got the ultimate poultry solution for your urban farming dreams: the magnificent Jumbo Quail. Here’s why they reign supreme:

  1. Compact Living: Forget about space constraints. These jumbo quails are masters of compact living. They can squeeze into cozy little corners of your backyard or balcony without complaining. Who needs a sprawling farm when you can have a buzzing quail metropolis right in your city dwelling?
  2. Incognito Cockrels: Hush, hush, it’s the sound of jumbo quails being the quiet champions of urban farming. Unlike those obnoxious roosters, these quails won’t wake up the whole neighborhood with their early morning serenades. Enjoy the peaceful harmony of clucking without the decibel drama.
  3. Egg-cellent Delights: Quail eggs, my friends, are nature’s little treasures. These pint-sized delights are packed with nutrition and gourmet potential. Whip up fancy brunch dishes or surprise your friends with quail egg creations that will make their jaws drop. Bonus points for the cute factor – small eggs, big impact! Here is a compare and contrast graphic from foodstruct.com
  4. Low Maintenance Royalty: Hail to the kings and queens of low maintenance! Jumbo quail demand little attention, making them the perfect companions for busy city folks. They won’t require a five-star poultry hotel or extensive pampering. Just provide them some feed, water, and a cozy abode, and they’ll reward you with their eggs-travagant offerings.
  5. Fast and Furious: These quail have a need for speed – in growth, that is. They reach their full size at an astonishing pace, leaving other poultry species in the dust. That means you can start enjoying quail meat sooner than you can say “urban farming rockstar.” Who needs patience when you’ve got jumbo quail magic?

So, my urban farmer friends, embrace the quail revolution and witness the rise of the jumbo quail empire in your city oasis. With their compact size, noise control, delicious eggs, low maintenance requirements, and rapid growth, these quail are the unbeatable champions of urban poultry farming. Get ready to rule the city farm scene with your flock of jumbo quail superstars!

Interested in raising these beautiful birds? Head over to Hostile Hare to get the equipment you need to get the job done! Once you have your cages set up, hit us up for some live birds!

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male coturnix standard quail looking right